Amethyst Tumbled Stone 250g

Product Code:ts-amethyst 250g
Average amount per 250g: 17 *All tumbled stones are sold in 250 gram units. Please refer to our product description below for further details


A purple variety of quartz caused by iron impurities. Found around the world with large deposits mined in Brazil. A popular myth about amethyst origins tells of Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration was pursuing a mortal woman named Amethystas. Since she was not keen on this god, known for his virility, she prayed to the virgin goddess Artemis. The Goddess taking pity on Amethystas who wished to keep her chastity turned her into stone. Dionysus, seeing that the girl of his affections was now a block of quartz crystal wept tears of wine over her, which turned the stone purple. Amethyst is the perfect stone for those commencing their spiritual journey. It has a soothing and healing energy that encourages you to step away from the chaos of modern life and take a few minutes for yourself. Amethyst supports blissful relaxation, restful sleep and the pursuit of wisdom.

When ordering: 

250g = 1 unit

500g - 2 units

750g = 3 units

1 kilo = 4 units

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